Brilliant Reuse, from Jeanne d’Arc Living

The Dwell Girls are excited to announce that we’ll be carrying copies of the newest Jeanne d’Arc Living book, Brilliant Reuse, due out in May. We will receive only 20 copies of the book, so it’s best to pre-order your copy. They will retail at only $29.95!


If you’re not yet familiar with the Jeanne d’Arc Living brand, I promise you’ll fall instantly in love!

Based in Demark, the JDA crew offers a scrumptious monthly magazine (Available at Dwell, of course, and on our Etsy site.) as well as other wonderful vintage and antique finds from their adventures. Their niche is Nordic country style, with a French twist. The Jeanne d’Arc folks have a passion for scouring flea markets and brocantes for some of the neatest items and planning completely new ways to use them. Each month, they feature one of these items in their magazine. Now they’ve put them all together into their new book ~ Brilliant Reuse. Written in Dutch, it will be translated into English and released in May, 2013.

In the meantime, here are a few fantastic photos from the book~

And a few actual layouts from the Dutch version~

If you’re local to the Denver area and would like to pick your copy up at Dwell Antiques & Home, you can order by emailing or calling us:


If you prefer to order online and have the book shipped to you, visit our listing on Etsy.

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