Jeanne d’Arc Living: April, 2013

jeanne d arc april 2013

The April, 2013 issue of Jeanne d’Arc Living Magazine is now available at Dwell and in our Etsy store.  The folks at Jeanne d’Arc have, as always, captured some of the most beautiful Nordic country rooms and settings.


The theme of this issue is bathrooms, however, it is filled with photos of bedrooms, work spaces, sitting rooms and more. Includes:

~ Decorate with beautiful, old trunks
~ Tie the most wonderful bouquets with daisies and forget-me-nots
~ Cook delicious spring dishes
~ DIY: Shed to oasis
~ Spring homes

DK0413.[06] jeanne d arc living magazine april 2013 DK0413.[02]

Stop in the store (Or, if you’re out of town, by our Etsy store!) and pick up your copy soon. We’re also taking pre-orders for Jeanne d’Arc’s new book, Brilliant Reuse, due out in May.

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