Old Glory 2013 {Better late than never!}


After a much-needed getaway with family, I’m back and ready to share some photos from the 2013 Old Glory Antiques Fair. It was a great success and lots of fun, as always.

This year was easier in that we were able to start setting up on Wednesday before the show, but harder at the same time because this year we had an actual brick-and-mortar store to staff the entire time. Remember last year when we didn’t even have a retail location!? We’ve come so far in a year!

After two days of shuffling back and forth, and lot of help from friends and family, we were ready to go!



There was fantastic music, food, and special guests. Each year I think that Holly can’t possibly out do herself but she always seems to. While we didn’t get to meet Ben Ashby of FOLK Magazine, Jo Packham from Where Women Create did wander through our booth, as did Ki Nassauer of Flea Market Style. (below)


She graciously chatted with us for quite a while, and the friends who traveled with her to the show set off to visit our store in Greenwood Village. There’s a feeling I can’t quite put my finger on, that happens when someone you admire actually likes what you do. You just feel like you’re doing something right. Validation, I guess? Whatever it is, it put smiles on all our faces!

Here are a few more photos from the show…

Image 20130614_085452 20130614_085551





While we sold a great deal of merchandise at the show, some pieces did make their way back to our store. Stop in and see what you need for your summer decorating!

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