Antique Flower Frogs, Repurposed

ImageWe’ve seen some unique and just plain odd items come through the store, but one of the most common items I get questions about is the antique flower frog.

{Photo at left: Pinterest}

Many of our mature customers remember using them and having them around their houses. Some even collect them now, in all of their glorious shapes and sizes. Our younger customers are intrigued, if not perplexed, by these seemingly torturous devices. To be honest, I wouldn’t have known what it was either, if it hadn’t been for growing up in the antiques business. I’ve never actually seen one used for flowers, which was the original intent – to keep the flowers arranged in a bowl or vase, so they wouldn’t just flop wildly wherever they wanted to.

Frogs came in all shapes, sizes and types, from ones that look like nails, to many more less dangerous models.


{Source: Pinterest}


{Silver bowl with frog topper, currently in our store.}


{One of the more unique glass 3-piece frogs at our store right now!}

Because there are so many varieties, flower frogs have become a collectible item. Though some folks still do use them for their original intent, there have been so many new and fun ideas for using them lately.


{via Pinterest}


{via Pinterest}


{via Pinterest}

At home I love to use those dangerous looking frogs to hold old photos of relatives, in the kitchen they can hold a recipe while you’re cooking, or business cards on your desk. Of course, they’re great for place cards, though we’re never that fancy at my house!

Wire and glass frogs can be repurposed to hold scissors, pens or even paint brushes.


{Source: Dwell Antiques & Home}

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  1. These things are so cool. I’ve always wondered what they are. I love the repurposing ideas better than the original intent (I happen to like my bouquets kind of ship-shod).

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