For the love of breadboards.

Yesterday I drove all over town for a not-so-fun day of endless errands and appointments. In a particularly seedy area, I stopped at an “antiques” store (and I use that term loosely!) to burn an hour of time. They had quite the collection of old records and tapes, used clothing and mid century modern office furniture, but I just couldn’t give up. Like any truffle pig, I could smell the hidden treasure — I just had to find it.

And find it I did! {Cue the Hallelujah Chorus.}

bread boardThis fabulous antique bread board was sulking in a corner like a red-headed step child, with a price tag of only $18. PLUS 25% off. EEK! I actually felt guilty for finding something so wonderful for such a steal.

bread board 4 copy

It’s about an inch and a half thick, 11 inches wide and 20 inches long, with the handle, and all carved by hand from one piece of wood. It is perfectly imperfect and I’ve found myself patting it like a precious newborn baby.

bread board 3I can just see it as the base of a fall tablescape, or with a big loaf of crusty bread on our Thanksgiving table.

I’m wondering now: How do you condition your breadboards? This one is a bit dried out and could use some TLC. I used a nail brush and hot, soapy water to clean off the years of dust and dirt, but now it need some serious moisture! I won’t be using it to prepare food – and probably won’t even put food directly on it – but I don’t want to use chemicals, just in case I do use it for bread. Any tips or advice?


Can’t get enough bread boards? Check out or Luscious Wood: bread boards, bowls, spoons board on Pinterest.

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