Pre-order now ~ Vintage by Nina: A Winter’s Tale

Danish stylist, author and vintage/antiques dealer Nina Hartmann invites the readers on another joyride in her world of old beauties, with her fourth book, Vintage by Nina: A Winter’s Tale.

A stunning mishmash of French antiques, cozy rooms, sparkling candles and Swedish tile stoves, white winter, angels and cherubs, antiques Christmas ornaments, unique collections, shabby furnishings, snowflakes, red Christmas, vintage sheep on wheels, afternoon delights, magical sceneries, goose feather trees, grey winter, bohemian junk de luxe, gracefully crinolines, sweethearts, seasonal flower- power and plants, subdued colours, silent moments and sacred halls, charming toys, tinsel and glitter, stunning fleamarket finds, Gustavian furniture and much, much more.

Together with her husband, the Swedish photographer Tore Sundgren, Nina has visited five beautiful homes in Holland and Sweden. The small townhouse, the countryside house, the twinhouse, the manor house from 1746 and the Mayor’s home, built in 1626, from the Swedish fairytale, Emil of Lönneberga by Astrid Lindgren. The major part of the book is though from the couple’s own inspiring home in Sweden, constantly in change.

Release date: September, 2014
Language: English and Danish
Pages: 200
Cost: $70 USD + shipping; free local pick up

More than 350 color photos!

Pre-order now through Dwell Antiques & Home using:
303.795.3454 (Monday – Saturday between 10 am and 5 pm MST)
or via Etsy.

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